How it Works
We offer various services to our clients. We have prepaid contracts and call-in deliveries to name a few. Our clients can also take advantage of our Stay-full plan. With this plan, it takes the worry out of ever running out of propane.  

Home Oil Service is currently running a promotion for all current customers. For every referred customer that signs up for our Stay-full route, you will receive a $50 propane credit on your account. This is one way for us to express our gratitude to our customers. This is because we, at Home Oil Service, are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to our clients. 

We offer: 

Tank rental 
Tank sales 
Propane tank installations 
Stay-full route

Winter contracts 
Same day delivery 
Competitive prices

​Even pay option

Stay-full route---BEST CHOICE

Stay warm and worry-free about when to order propane by joining our Stay Full Plan. We'll automaticlly keep your tank full and you'll save money. we'll do the work and you save the money -- not a bad deal.

We use our experience in conjunction with delivery forecasting software to project when our Stay Full customers need delivery. If an outage would occur, an emergency delivery will be made without any extra charge.

The stay full route will insure that you get the best daily price available.

Call In

Some customers call us when propane is needed. Orders for propane should be made when the gauge reads between 20-25%. That will ensure having enough propane to avoid an outage. 

Should you find your tank extremely low or you have run out of propane additional charges will apply, emergency service is available (additional charge). Also, any propane outage requires a system leak test, which has an extra charge. Of course, with our Stay Full Plan these worries are gone.

If you choose to call in for propane when needed the following prices will apply : Fill tank completly, same price as stay full route. partial fill of 200 gallons or more .10 cents per gallon higher than our stay full route. A fill of less than 200 gallons will be .25 cents per gallon  higher than our stay full route. Please do not run out of propane because there are additional fees if you run out.

Contracts Available now for 2019 - 2020 season

Contract specific amt at specific price insures price through terms of contract
Must be paid in full by the date stated on the contract.

Pay Online

More info coming soon...